Green Business

Working Intelligently For The Environment

At Argonaut Garage we’re mindful everyday of what it takes to become a green business. Based on our commitment to conserving resources, preventing pollution and reducing waste, we’re currently seeking recognition as a Green Business by the Bay Area Green Business Program.

Becoming a green business means conducting our operations in compliance with environmental regulations. The program is entirely voluntary but clearly beneficial to all of us. By permitting annual inspections of our facilities, we’ll assure we have the best environmental practices in place. At the same time, we can learn from inspectors ways to improve our operations and be as green as possible.

Green Business Practices For The Benefit Of All

The Bay Area Green Business Program spells out a range of options for meeting program standards. The following top ten auto repair practices lead to Green Business recognition, all of which we already put into practice at Argonaut Garage.

  1. Minimize liquids used and discharged; address spills immediately with dry clean-up practices. Eliminate the use of absorbents; instead use a squeegee or an oil mop.
  2. Replace a petroleum naphtha solvent sink with an aqueous-based sink or parts washer. Use recycling containers for newspapers, cardboard, plastic and glass.
  3. Order motor oil, antifreeze and other fluids in bulk, rather than in individual containers. Stop the use of spray cans; use brake-cleaning sinks or refillable spray containers.
  4. Replace T-12 bulbs and fixtures with T-8s, producing ample lighting with lower energy use. We have gone farther and installed LED lamps through more than 90% of our facility
  5. Install timers or motion sensors for lights that are not in constant use throughout the work day.
  6. Eliminate unnecessary car washing. For exterior cleaning, use only plain water or prevent soapy water from entering a storm drain.
  7. Examine water bills monthly, monitoring spikes in use that could indicate a plumbing leak.

We invite anyone— customers and inspectors alike— to visit our location and experience our green practices in action. We look forward to receiving our official Green Business Certification, as we all work together toward the betterment of our planet.

Argonaut Garage – “A Forward-moving, Technologically Savvy Institution With Its Roots Planted In The Honor And Integrity Of The Past.”

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